Mud Racing Refund Policy

Sorry, no refunds under any circumstances.

You’ve entered to participate in a mud run to prove you’re a tough individual who wants to test your physical limits, so don’t chicken out last minute!

Although there are no refunds, there are circumstances where tickets can be used for a future date or transferred to another individual.

  • If a mud run event is cancelled, most of the runs will be rescheduled, allowing you to reuse your entry for a future date.

  • If you cannot make it to the mud run, try transferring your entry to someone via Facebook, Twitter or Craigslist.

  • Be cautious during your mud run training, so not to injure yourself and jeopardize your participation on race day.

*Please check with your preferred mud run to see their deadlines for transferring entries and policies on rescheduling events due to inclement weather and other circumstances.