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Official Mud Runs Blog

By Guest Blogger, Posted in Events on October 17, 2012
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Where: Conneaut Lake, PA. Just a short drive from Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Columbus, and Erie just to name a few major surrounding areas. When: July 27th, 2013 What and Why: We realize and have experienced the boredom associated with road running....(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Mud Run Tips on October 16, 2012
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Mud runs are a unique type of race that is popular in many areas of the country. Similar too many other running races in some ways, but also very different, a mud run is something that is unlike any other experience. As such, it is important to be...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Mud Run Tips on October 9, 2012
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Preparing for the mud run is more than just gearing up for the physical aspect of it, but it is also, about what type of clothing you should be wearing. Even though you want to look cool while on the run, you need to make sure you are comfortable at the...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Events on October 4, 2012
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Come join us and a thousand other muddy buddies for the first ever MudSpooktacular Run! This is one Halloween party you won''t forget! Highlighted by a 3.5 mile haunted course packed with 25+ Xtreme obstacles and our "UnDead" cast and crew, you''ll have...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Events on October 1, 2012
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Spooky is for sissies. Amesbury Sports Park’s “Night of Frights” is a total scream that will have you looking over your shoulder and sleeping with the lights on for days. This Halloween, get scared silly at Night of Frights – a...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Events on September 21, 2012
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An arctic blast will hit the shores of Lake Travis just west of Austin, Texas on December 8, 2012. The Polar Bear Mud Run will test your survival skills with 18 plus themed challenges.Our course will wind across the shores of Lake Travis and through the...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Events on September 18, 2012
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Olympians John Macready and John Roethlisberger have created the ultimate mud run of Olympic proportions. Lake Frances is located in Crossville, Tennessee and offers 150-acres of pure, unadulterated madness. Our 5 mile course will push your limits as...(more)

By Guest Blogger, Posted in Events on September 12, 2012
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Phoenix, AZ, Nov. 3, 2012. Feel your anxiety raise as the grim reaper releases you onto a 5k muddy obstacle course of chaos. Your worst nightmare will seem like a fairytale as you drag yourself in and out of mud pits and hurl your shaking body over...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Mud Run Tips on August 30, 2012
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Whether it's your first experience with a mud run or your 10th, it definitely doesn't hurt to get the proper training in for one so that you can burst through the finish line without immediately keeling over afterwards. Mud runs are nothing to be messed...(more)

By Guest Blogger, Posted in Events on August 22, 2012
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What we have all feared has finally happened - The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. Survival of the fittest is the only law of the land. You must begin the race of your life with limited options. You have no weapons, 5 Kilometers of challenging terrain and...(more)