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30-Minute Running Workouts

By Mud Runs (608 words)
Posted in Staying Fit on June 5, 2013

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30-Minute Running WorkoutsHeath care providers recommend that maintaining optimal cardiovascular fitness requires physical activity that raises the heart rate three times a week for 30 minutes. The popularity of mud runs continually increases and provides a fun and unique way to get exercise. Not everyone that participates is a seasoned athlete. Many events do not include a timed competition. See the variety of events available at MudRuns.net.

Making the Time

Most people have days filled with kids, work, chores around the house and other time consuming activities. There are many times throughout the day to squeeze in a bit of a workout. Consider the mornings before going to work. Lunch breaks generally provide half an hour. Perhaps the evenings offer a little time while the family enjoys a favorite TV program. There is nothing written in stone that a workout must take place outdoors.

Quick Runs

Start any workout by taking at least five minutes to warm-up and then, another five minutes for a cool down period when finished with a run. After warming up, jog or run at a comfortable pace for 11 minutes. Stop, turn around, and try to return to the starting point in nine minutes. This method helps condition the body for an increase in speed.

Another technique for gradually conditioning the body include jogging for one to three minutes then picking up the pace for an equal amount of time. Keep alternating the pace until completing 20 minutes of a workout plus the warm-up and cool down. Perform this method on a straight road or around a school track field.

Find a local football or soccer field. After warming up, start in a corner of the field and run across diagonally as fast as possible. When reaching the end line, casually jog to the other end line. Run another diagonal. Jog between end lines. Repeat the process as time allows.

Increase the Intensity

Intensify the workout by using a hill. Take one minute for going up and two minutes for coming back down. Repeat the process until the time spent on the hill combined with the 10 minutes for warming up and cooling down totals 30 minutes. Depending on the size of the hill, one can gradually increase the time for going up and coming back down. Other environments for using this method include the bleachers in a school athletic field, the stairs in a tall building, or the ramps in a multi-level parking garage.

Rainy Day Workouts

At home or at your local gym, jog on a treadmill for five minutes then spend five minutes on a stationary bike. Repeat alternating equipment until completing 20 minutes plus the warm-up and cool down. Begin by working out at a comfortable pace then gradually increase the pace. Increasing speed on a treadmill poses a danger if one missteps. Instead, try increasing the incline for a more challenging run. Increase the intensity on a bike by pedaling as fast as possible for a minute then slowing down. Gradually increase the faster increment. Another option includes pedaling with one foot and then the other, which requires more strength from each leg. Have fun creating your very own personalized workout routine!

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