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5 Ways to Convince your Friends to Join You for a Mud Run

By Mud Runs (683 words)
Posted in Mud Run News on February 9, 2012

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Scared to race alone? Need a familiar face by your side? STILL can’t convince your friends to join you on your next Mud Run? These 5 tips will be your fast track to scoring a friend to get out of bed and race with you. Before we start, it might help that you soften them up a bit and get them in a good mood before the conversation starts because with a dirty topic like this, it always helps your chances.

 Do you want to create a unforgettable experience with your friends?

Who doesn’t like an adventure?

I’m willing to bet your friends complain about how they have not been on vacation in ages. Maybe they talked about wild adventures in obscure locations. Mud Runs will be an incredible adventure, with a must cheaper price tag. This local oddity of an adventure can give people an experience of a lifetime, and when they get hooked they will be able to race again in just a few months. There will be no shortage of sites to see, with intriguing obstacles and outrageous outfits spread throughout the course. Finally, can it hurt that bad to make this adventure fitness related? Who’s in for being healthy?!

Bragging Rights

If you are as competitive as I am with my friends, you will want to race just for the chance to beat them so you can hang it over their head until the next race! Rather than just bragging rights, why not up the ante? Loser buys dinner. Loser shaves his or head. Loser wears their sports rival’s jersey for a week. The possibilities are endless. The choice is yours to make it as extreme as you see fit. There is nothing like healthy competition to get the motivational juices flowing.

Bonding Time

After trying to determine a humiliating bet, get back to why you are friends in the first place, liking each other’s company, right? Your friend, more likely than not, has mentioned how work is taking over their life and the times you two get together are dwindling by the second. Use your training sessions as a way to get together and spend time even on weeknights after work. Believe it or not, alcohol doesn’t have to be involved to spend quality time together. Who would have thought, huh? Evening jogs are a good way to get the cobwebs out from sitting at work all day. If your friend hates their job, these runs at night will help get them through the day and might actually put a smile on their face once or twice during working hours.

Get Dirty

Is it just me, or do most people enjoy letting their feathers down every once in a while to do something out of the ordinary. If it’s been a while, there is no better way to get dirty than in a controlled environment like a Mud Run. Admit it or not, we all embrace acting like we are 12 years old every now and again. Worried about your clothes getting dirty? There is no doubt they will, so to put those worries at bay go in your closet and find those holiday gifts that have yet to see the light of day. “But they’re styles are from the 80’s?!” I say perfect. The wilder the outfits, the better off you and your friends will be.


BEER!!!!!!!!!! If this doesn’t sell the deal to your friend, it may be time to start reevaluating your justification for being friends with them. Every participant, over 21 of course, gets their first beer free to get the post-race party started right. The celebration will get under way with racers and spectators where all the crazy stories and experiences will live in infamy.

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