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Coors Light Presents: A Mud Run for EVERYONE!!!

By Guest Blogger (502 words)
Posted in Events on May 31, 2013

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Mud Run Event: R3xOps Mud Run and Obstacle Event w/ Options on Jul 20, 2013
R3xOps Mud Run and Obstacle Event w/ Options

Our Mud Run

This 5k mud run/obstacle course will feature three miles of fun, mud, obstacles, and laughter. Parts of the course will require determination and, of course, a belly crawl or two! From hay bales, tires, tunnels, hill climbs, rope repels and pulls, to running through a creek and on the pipeline… you never know what you are going to run into! Also be prepared to test your balance! And can anybody say mud slide???????

About The Event

The R3 OPS, is a 3-mile mud run/obstacle course designed for manly men and lovely ladies who are wanting to get out, have a great time with friends, become motivated, get muddy, AND to challenge themselves. All of this while.. supporting local causes. The course has the casual athlete in mind but has added on challenges for the athletically inclined. Teams are encouraged!! Get your friends, co-workers, family members, mom and dad… everyone together and plan for an event that you will have an amazing experience at!! Don’t forget to wear the coolest costumes either!! Maybe we should have a prize for the hottest looking Native American Indian dressed mudder??

All fitness levels are encouraged!!

Instead of an extremely difficult, military-style course (or one that zaps you’re “already welted” back with high voltage shocks while semi-drowning in 6ft of ice water and quicksand…lol) that other mud runs offer, the R3 OPS will present a little less challenging yet amazingly fun experience for people of all fitness levels. There will be 13+ crazy fun obstacles total and they will be roughly every 1/4 mile or maybe shorter… In addition to the 3-mile obstacle/mud run, there will be also be an optional “Extreme Challenge Area” for those who want THE challenge, or are just a wee bit crazy like the Rogue.

The mud run will be geared toward people who just want to have a good time running through the mud. People are encouraged to dress up in costumes and get as muddy as possible. In addition, this race can be used as a trainer for those who are interested in doing a more competitive mud run down the road. And if you don’t think the mud run is too much of a challenge, then our Extreme Challenge area will give you the proof you need to see just how Rogue you really are.

The first “Extreme Rogue Wave” heat begins at… 8 a.m. This is the only timed heat available!! All “Rogue” participants will only have one hour to complete the course. Prizes for top male and top female will be awarded around 12 at the pavilion in the entertainment area. All others waves begin at 9 a.m. with heats happening every 30 minutes up to 5 p.m.

About The Charity

The organizers of the R3 OPS believe in giving back to our community. For our inaugural event, the spectator donation of $5 dollars with the parking fees will go to LOCAL charities in the NEPA region. We are encouraging all the participants and teams involved to help raise money for these charities.

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