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Nine Reasons Why You should Sign-up for a Mud Run

By Mud Runs (478 words)
Posted in Mud Run News on January 27, 2012

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Mud running - why should you do it?Have you heard of mud running? Know someone who is crazy enough to have signed-up for a mud run? Or are you the lunatic who is contemplating the muddy challenge of one of the world's newest and most exciting sports? No matter where you stand, most likely you'll need a little motivation to get you started and a few core reasons for why participating in a mud run will do you good, both mentally and physically.

  1. Get off the couch!

    Couch potato, i'm talking to YOU! Put down the clicker and sign-up for something that will limit your time spent sitting.

  2. Set goals

    Sign up for a mud run and set weekly/monthly goals (depending on how long of a training period you have). Create a calendar to help you keep track of your goals. Small goals are easier to attain, but hit those goals every week and the larger goal in mind (the mud run) will be tackled with ease!

  3. Meet people

    Mud runs are even better when you share the experience with friends or a larger group of people. Grab your co-workers and learn about each other outside the office or grab a friend and get motivated together!

  4. A Road to a healthier you

    In order to train and successfully run a mud race, proper diet and exercise will be required. Signing-up for a run will force you to be a little more health conscious than usual.

  5. Post-run celebrations

    Most of the mud runs (Warrior Dash, Spartan Race) have an after party and give participants a complimentary beer after you complete the run. Invite friends who are not participating and celebrate afterwards.

  6. Getting Dirty is Required

    One of the main requirements: get dirty. If you're a hardcore athlete who is up for challenges, getting dirty is only another exciting part to the race. Muddy lakes, barbed-wire and fire emblazoned obstacle courses are all what make a mud run challenging and exciting.

  7. Build Mental Toughness

    Mind over matter, that's what they tell you and in the game of obstacles and distance running, you better be able to control your mind. Learn how to control your body when your legs feel like they're giving up, but really it's just your mind messing with you.

  8. Gloating

    Play Queen "We are the Champions" on blast all the way home, shout about it on Facebook, show everyone your medal and tell everyone at work on Monday that you are "the man" -- or "woman."

  9. Accomplishment

    The accomplishment of setting goals, training and successfully running a mud run is a great feeling. Maybe you'll even catch the runner's bug and want to sign-up for more!

Get more tips and information on mud running by following @mudruninfo or find us on Facebook!

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