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Some of the Best Mud Runs, Ever!

By Mud Runs (533 words)
Posted in Events on May 14, 2012

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Running a random mud run can be challenging but is it as challenging as one of the best mud runs ever? The top mud runs are chosen based on difficulty, fun and, of course, muddiness. While they probably aren’t the best runs for beginner mud runners, they are fun and a great goal to work up to! The best mud runs ever are mostly located in the USA but also in Canada, here is the list:

Hell Run, Multiple LocationsHell Run is said to be one of the best mud runs ever. The mud run covers multiple obstacles through the sticky mud; the course is filled with literally insane obstacle courses and mud pits, rock n roll music and all the glory of conquering it! Best of all, beer awaits all mud racers at the finish line.

Spartan Race, Everywhere – Spartan Races are located everywhere from London to Canada to the USA and are some of the toughest races known to man. They feature extreme obstacles and mud pits around the world. Spartan races are challenging and you should definitely train well in advance for the race. Spartan offers different levels of mud racing, from easy children’s mud runs to extreme 48+ hour death races. This is one run you surely don’t want to miss!


Original Mud Race, Houston, Texas –
The original mud race in Houston Texas features a race of 3.1 miles and 18 obstacles as well as a race of 6.2 miles and 30 obstacles! The swim section requires that you sign a personal waiver that it is not the races fault if you are injured during the swim, how much more tough can you get than that?!

Tough Mudder, Everywhere- Called the toughest obstacle course in the world, Tough Mudder features mud run events around the world. The course features 10-12 mile courses (some of the longest in the world) featuring multiple obstacles and hundreds of mud pits. The Tough Mudder site claims that you cannot in fact complete this mud run on your own and must instead rely on teamwork. If you are looking for a challenge, the Tough Mudder race is definitely the best mud run for you. This event includes support for the Wounded Warrior Project which offers money to veterans returning from war and has to date given over 3 million to the cause.

Mud runs require training and patience. Please remember that it is important to train for your first mud run in order to avoid exhaustion or possible injury during the race. Remember that a mud run is a challenge that is designed to help you have fun and work with everyone as a team! Mud runs are supposed to be fun and challenging, just make sure you are prepared for the obstacles of the race. If it’s your first mud run, you should probably consider starting with something smaller and easier for the sake of safety.

Comments (2)

Katrina posted on: June 5, 2012

Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for!

Curt Clausen posted on: May 29, 2013

Did the Houston Mud Run about 3 years ago right after the Mud Run in Jacksonville, Fl. Not even a contest! Houston's run was pathetic. Jacksonville's course was much harder. The obstacles in addition to the all the mud made Jacksonville's run incredible (that is until they changed the race from the MS Mud Run to the Muck Ruckus which sucks). I just finished the Tough Mudder held in Palatka Fl and wow this was a true test. More mud than I thought there would be and the obstacles were challenging. It took me a week to recover. I am not a runner so you can imagine how bad my legs hurt. I had cramps where I never knew I had muscles. Turning 50 in September and doing the Tough Mudder in Dallas in October and the Spartan Beast in Tampa in Feb. Yeah I am crazy!

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