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Spartan Race Recognized as Top Mud Racing Event

By Mud Runs (496 words)
Posted in Mud Run News on January 10, 2012

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Some call it masochism others call it a challenge, but no matter how you look at it, mud races are in demand and gaining popularity not just in the good old US of A, but in countries around the world. One popular mud run is leading the pack with participants adorned in red capes, death runs for the athletically insane and an online following that mentally and physically prepares mudders for the next challenge.

mud running Outside magazine noted that last year, roughly a million people signed up for a mud running event with one of the most popular mud runs (Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash and Muddy Buddy). Outside also recently highlighted Spartan Race, an obvious leader in these hellish obstacle runs. So what makes Spartan stand out among the rest as a top mud racing competitor?

Why Spartan Stands Out

The variety of running levels offered through Spartan Race makes Spartan versatile in its challenges. Runners can choose the less difficult, yet by no means easy Spartan Sprint or go the complete extreme of its Death Race, which by the way has a website URL that reads:

Joe Desana, the founder of Spartan Race mentions in the Outside article that “People have grown bored with traditional linear races." Mud running is the next big challenge that feeds the needs of extreme athletes who are looking for a change from 5ks, marathons and even Iron Man competitions. Last year alone, Desana held 29 mud racing events in 16 different states and anticipates close to 40 events for 2012.

Another catalyst in the mud run hype is social media. The huge online following of these events can be seen in how engaged Facebook fans, Twitter followers and bloggers are with a top competitors like Spartan. Spartan's Facebook page alone boasts over 720,000 fans. Their page is very active and they often highlight fellow spartan fans and always provide information for the next race.

Spartan's social media following reacts to their online presence because of the helpful tips and information that keeps new and seasoned mudders up-to-date on the best workout tips and FAQs. Most importantly, Spartans who participated in runs give their input, advice and experiences through wall posts, blogs and tweets, adding real insight into this hardcore sport.

Spartan Race is a top mud running event and is globally recognized. If you're up for a challenge and would like to experience the next level in obstacle racing, look for a mud racing event near you. No matter what your range of physical activity includes, setting a goal to participate in a mud run is a great way to get in shape and challenge your mind.

Follow Spartan Race on Twitter: @Spartan_Race

Are you up for it?


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