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Supporting Albany Vet Center

By Guest Blogger (338 words)
Posted in Events on July 24, 2012

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Mud Run Event: Run the Ridge on Jul 28, 2012
Run the Ridge

What Another Mud Run?

Another mud run, really…But wait this is not another of those “McDonalds” events that go city to city.

The difference here is that Maple Ski Ridge has something to prove.

Maple Who? Maple Ski Ridge. The best place in New York’s Capitol District to learn how to Ski/Ride.

Maple is one of those sweet Ski areas that you come home to. As a kid this is where you learn to ski, you then outgrow it and head upstate - Years go by and your back with your kids or grandkids OR testing your legs and knees after a hiatuses from the winter slopes.

Enter Extreme sports and Mud/ adventure runs. Toss in some Military friends with a passion for sports and the Vet Center and now we have a plan.

The run is designed with help from local military mud runners, untouched terrain from Mother Nature and features built by some diabolical minds, ready to test you and your skills. Testing your endurance is only the beginning. Proving that this little Ski Area can offer a challenge is important.

Another area of importance is having fun with friends and family. Getting dirty isn’t a bad way to spend a day either. That is why we offer a 2k family run that offers many of the same challenges as the 5K but not as intense.

The after PARTY promises to be ... well a party. Music, rockin out on a Saturday afternoon with the DJ. Cold beer and other beverages. Food for body and soul. (that''s the beer). Yup and you’re not going to find grandmas music either.

Where it counts.

Part of the proceeds from this race is donated to the The Albany Vet center.

They offer services to our local veterans, active military people and their families. The support they offer is invaluable. Our Military needs and deserve any and all assistance we can offer them.

And we thank them all.

Come on Get a Little Dirty, with us.

www. Run The on facebook to register


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