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Top 10 Reasons to Sign up for a Mud Run!

By Mud Runs (588 words)
Posted in Events on December 17, 2012

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Mud Runs are the best way to get fit, stay fit and not take yourself too seriously{#/pub/images/right_attire_for_mud_run.jpg} while you are doing it. It is gritty and visceral, the way exercise is supposed to be. Forget the sterile gym environment and do what your ancestors did - run like a maniac through the muck

10. Running through Mud is Fun!

Participating in a Mud Run is definitely a tough physical task, especially if you plan to win! However, that can all be counteracted by the fact that the entire premise is pushing yourself through a muddy course. Think of what your 14-year-old self would have done. In fact, go ahead and bring a kid to a beginner race. 

9. It is More Than Just A Race

Mud Runs are more than just simple runs. They are obstacle courses. Be prepared for uphill running, swimming and more!

8. Be prepared! Rain or Shine.

No matter what the weather, you will be running. If it happens to rain on race day, you should not get disappointed, because you are going to get wet anyway!

7. Mud Runs are Local.

Mud Runs take place all over the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and elsewhere. Just look for one that is the closest to you. 

6. There are different skill levels and courses

Unlike traditional types of races and marathons, mud races come in a variety of skill levels, so you choose. If you are not ready for a Spartan Death Race, start with a Spartan Sprint.

5. It does not matter how you look

So many amateur athletes choose their race look based on color and style. They might look okay at the gym, but everyone is mud-colored during a mud race. The person who dresses the smartest, not the most stylish, has the most advantage. 

4. Because it is a challenge

Running through the mud is more challenging that running on a clean, smooth surface. Furthermore, these races do not happen on flat, yet muddy terrain. Running a Mud Race is a test of endurance on a surface of varying difficulty. 

3. You could win

Every runner likes to win a race. It might not be the goal, but it feels good. Running a Mud Race is even better. Even non-athletic pals can appreciate the distinction, probably because it sounds like so much fun. 

2. The training is good for you

If you are running, you will be training, if you value your well-being. The training that you should be doing before a mud race will increase your overall health. You may even keep it up after the race in preparation for the next one. 

1. Because you can

If you are even thinking, "I might run a Mud Race," chances are, you can. With some training and determination, you can get out there with a group of people that are just as determined as you are and kick up some mud.

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