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Training for your Mystery Obstacle Mud Run

By Mud Runs (645 words)
Posted in Staying Fit on April 6, 2012

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Mud Run TrainingIn preparing for an obstacle race, one must train in such a way to make the race events seem much easier than the training. For example, if you are training for a race which requires you to climb a wall, you would want to set your training goals to be able to climb a wall wearing a weighted vest making the actual race obstacle much easier. Working with ropes to get your arms and shoulders used to supporting your body weight will only help you in your journey to dominate the race. A great way to build up hand strength is to fill a bucket with uncooked rice and squeeze the rice in your fists repeatedly to increase hand strength.

Simulate easier parts of the race such as straight swimming or running and stretch them to the extremes. If your race requires you to swim 400 feet while wearing a life vest, then a good training tip would be to practice swimming in that same type of water (fresh/salt/chlorine) due to buoyancy differences while wearing a life vest and additional clothing to increase difficulty levels.  

When training for the running portion of the race you can easily boost the difficulty level by carrying something bulky in addition to adding a level of discomfort to your regimen such as putting sand in your shoes and getting wet prior to the run.

If your event is going to have mystery obstacles, then you would be wise to practice doing all sorts of heavy lifting after a very taxing workout. If you are trying to gain speed and endurance for flipping a tractor tire, then you would not want to simply practice flipping a tractor tire but would want to practice flipping that tire after a long hard run/swim/lift while making it increasingly more difficult by adding a weighted vest.

If your race will require you to complete obstacles such as belly crawling under objects, practice gaining speed on your belly and in sandy/rocky areas such as local parks or fields. Start timing yourself doing such activities, again, after a very taxing workout.

Get used to completing portions of your training while in the dark safely. Practice crawling on your belly in a place where you can be in the dark and not get hurt in doing so. If you are competing in a rugged event, chances are there will be an obstacle or two which will challenge you mentally such as in darkness, wetness or other sensory deprived conditions.

Work through your fears PRIOR to your event. If you are afraid of heights, you will want to familiarize yourself with this element so that you can rise to the occasion (no pun intended) and prevail. Practice being comfortable with heights or water or whatever your phobia may be; this can only benefit you on race day.  

Get in the habit of working your upper body, lower body and most importantly your core. Do sets of planks, push-ups, pull-ups and cardio to get your body in the best shape to outperform the competition.

Now that we have just given you the tools to smoke the competition at our Second Annual Guts & Glory Race you can register by clicking the following link This event is being held on September 15th, 2012 at Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park (Portland, CT) and the proceeds will go to benefit Connecticut Special Olympics. Learn more about us at Train safe and happy!  See you in September!

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