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Zombie Training 101: How a Mud Run will Prepare you for a Zombie Apocalypse

By Mud Runs (374 words)
Posted in Mud Run News on June 27, 2012

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The world as you know it has come to an end, and you are sprinting through your old neighborhood, trying to escape the grasp of Mrs. Walker, your sixth grade English teacher turned Zombie. As you approach a backyard fence, you leap over it, safely avoiding a zombie fate.

The ability to avoid obstacles, be quick and be efficient are all attributes that will help someone survive a zombie apocalypse. They are also all attributes that are useful when competing in a mud run. A mud run is a type of obstacle course, where teams gather to climb hay bales, crawl in mud pits, jump over fire and mount walls to reach the end of the course. The person with the lowest time on a team is recorded as the official time for that team. It is apparent that many of the characteristics of the mud run mix well with surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The physical advantages of a mud run are clear, like the ability to run, crawl and jump over difficult terrain. These abilities assure that an individual can escape zombie pursuit easily. It also allows for the weaker, less able be the first victims of the zombie attacks. However, mud runs also teach teamwork. Within a zombie ruled world, you are no doubt only as strong as your weakest link, and mud races only record the time of your worst competitor. They teach you to think and solve problems as a team. This problem solving would be crucial to survival in a zombie apocalypse, like the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers.

Next time you are thinking about brushing up on your zombie survival skills, look no further than a mud race. The physical advantages are endless, but it may just surprise you how practical the training can be for survival. We all know that the thought of our Zombified, sixth grade English teacher is terrifying. Please take the proper precautions now to ensure you are ready for that possibility.

Comments (1)

Elisabeth Daniels posted on: June 27, 2012

Did you know there is an actual Zombie mud run? I'm doing it in October in So Cal. Can't wait!

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