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Articles Tagged - spartanrace

By Mud Runs, Posted in Staying Fit on May 28, 2013
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Mud runs are all the rage, but this hybrid race and obstacle course is about more than just good, clean fun. In fact, you should expect to be covered in mud and a great deal of sweat by the time you’re finished. Properly training for a mud run can...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Mud Run Tips on April 16, 2013
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Organizing a mud run requires time for extensive planning, building and financing. Experienced organizers recommend that creating a successful event requires spending nine months to an entire year in preparation before the day of the actual race. ...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Staying Fit on April 5, 2013
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Mudruns like the Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and the Camp Pendleton Mud Run are not for the faint of heart because they are designed to push your fitness to the next level. It is important to stretch before a mud run, as well as afterwards to lower your...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Staying Fit on March 25, 2013
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Participating in a mud run is a great way to stay in shape while having a good time. Nothing is quite like the experience of battling a challenging course with sometimes dozens or hundreds of other like-minded individuals. Whether you have registered...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Staying Fit on March 14, 2013
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Making the decision to eat nutritious foods that improve your health on a regular basis may be one of the best decisions that you can ever make. The tips listed below will allow you to perform optimally during a mud run. Poor food choices are the...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Mud Run Tips on February 28, 2013
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Cargo net ladders, mud pits covered with barbed wire and reservoirs filled with ice water. While these scenarios sound similar to trials experienced by military recruits, these obstacles are very much part of a civilian sport known as mud runs. The...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Mud Run Tips on January 23, 2013
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A first-time challenger in a mud run might wonder what kind of people they will encounter. They may also worry that they won't fit in with those who spend their weekends getting dirty. This kind of anxiety even prevents some people from enjoying the...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Events on December 17, 2012
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Mud Runs are the best way to get fit, stay fit and not take yourself too seriously while you are doing it. It is gritty and visceral, the way exercise is supposed to be. Forget the sterile gym environment and do what your ancestors did - run like a...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Events on May 14, 2012
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Running a random mud run can be challenging but is it as challenging as one of the best mud runs ever? The top mud runs are chosen based on difficulty, fun and, of course, muddiness. While they probably aren’t the best runs for beginner mud...(more)

By Mud Runs, Posted in Mud Run News on January 27, 2012
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Have you heard of mud running? Know someone who is crazy enough to have signed-up for a mud run? Or are you the lunatic who is contemplating the muddy challenge of one of the world's newest and most exciting sports? No matter where you stand, most...(more)